Java Uninstall Tool 19.0


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Jul 3, 2022
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Java Uninstall Tool 19.0

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Java Uninstall Tool can improve your computer security by simplifying the process of finding and uninstalling versions of Java.

A wizard-based uninstaller for Java

Created by Oracle itself, the Java Uninstall Tool can easily detect all the Java versions installed on the local system and help you remove those that are not up to date. It runs as a wizard that guides you through the entire process of uninstalling Java versions and providing instructions step-by-step.

Java Uninstall Tool scans your computer to detect the presence of installed Java versions and creates a list containing all of them. Versions that are considered outdated are selected by default, but you can freely choose the Java editions to remove. Before proceeding, please make sure that all the applications and browser windows are closed.

The implications of removing Java
Prior to uninstalling Java, the application also asks you whether it should be removing the Java cache files, which store information about commonly used Java programs, as well as trace and log files.

Please keep in mind that uninstalling different Java versions might cause some Java applications to no longer run, so make sure you keep the latest edition on your PC. Nevertheless, you can always deploy Java from the official website, which can be easily accessed at the end of the wizard.

The official uninstaller for outdated Java versions

Aside from the standard uninstaller in the Control Panel of Windows, the Java Uninstall Tool is the way to go if you need to safely remove older Java editions from your computer. And you should do so, as they might have vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited.





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