BUW EMX (Expert Moldbase Extentions) for Creo 9 Multilingual


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Jun 16, 2022
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BUW EMX (Expert Moldbase Extentions) for Creo 9 Multilingual


BUW EMX (Expert Moldbase Extentions) for Creo 9 Multilingual | Size: 438.86 MB
Language: English

Creo Expert Moldbase Extension contains customized detailed slabs of slabs and individual elements from all leading suppliers, taking into account the requirements of the main standards in this area.
When creating a model block, Creo Expert Moldbase Extension automatically generates an assembly drawing, specification and slab drawings, taking into account the requirements of ESKD.
Mass components can be created directly in Creo Expert Moldbase Extension, or you can use mass components created in CreoTool Design.
Creo Expert Moldbase Extension provides a specialized graphical interface with schematic 2D views of both finished model block designs and individual components. At the same time, you can create and use your designs, components, types of used injection molding machines, enter in the database of your suppliers.
The choice of the main parameters of the components of the molds is carried out in a two-dimensional mode. When it is necessary to specify the parameters for placing a particular component, the designer refers to the three-dimensional structure. This approach greatly speeds up the mold design process.
As a rule, full-fledged three-dimensional models of the mold assembly with holes, grooves, etc. made in the plates are formed in an automated mode. In this case, all holes and grooves are dependent - when you delete a component for which these structural elements were made, they are also deleted. When you change the size and location of components, these geometries are automatically rebuilt.
Creo Expert Moldbase Extension automatically places fasteners, calculates the length of pushers and marks, and creates cuts along the contour of the part. To facilitate visualization, Creo Expert Moldbase Extension allows you to turn on / off the display of any component.
Creo Expert Moldbase Extension implements an animation-based mold reveal mechanism with an analysis for the intersection of components. The following calculations are possible
comparison of the compressive force of the machine and the pressure created inside the mold;
the force acting on the wedge during its movement (in the mechanism of the movable rod) at a given stroke;
wedge length;
the angle of the inclined pusher;
delays (with double opening of the model block);
the total design cost for making the mold.
Main advantages
High productivity in the design of the model block due to the fact that the designer creates a mold from ready-made adaptive component"cubes", for which drawing templates have already been created.
Reduced potential for errors as component placement and all required cutouts with appropriate clearances are fully automated.
User 2D interface with visualization of changes allows quick study of the mold without unnecessary waste of time to regenerate the 3D model.
Development of a mold for a specific casting machine with the calculation of the required clamping force.
Automated creation of a control program for machining holes in plates.
Calculation of the cost of the mold.
Create your own library of plates, components, structures of mechanisms and model blocks in dialogue mode.
Quick learning module, interactive reference guide with animations.
Key features
Automatic placement of mold components with subsequent removal of material in the slabs.
Automatic generation of specifications, assembly drawings and slab drawings.
Automatic creation of associative hole tables in drawings.
Creation of animation of the mode of operation of the mold with analysis for the intersection of components.
Libraries of standard blocks of molds and individual parts of leading suppliers: DME, DMS, EOC, Futaba, Misumi, HASCO, KLA, Meusburger, Pedrotti, Rabourdin, Strack, FCPK and libraries according to GOST of the following nomenclature
model block designs (standard set of all types sizes, double push, double disclosure);
a set of plates and insulation;
centering elements (bushings, columns);
gating and central bushings;
pushers and counter pushers;
circuits and elements of the cooling system;
moving rod mechanisms;
inclined pushing mechanisms;
double opening mechanisms;
transmission mechanisms, for obtaining threaded models;
hot runner diagrams, nozzles, manifolds, flanges.
Create custom libraries with your own standard designs and mold parts.
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