BitRecover MBOX Viewer 9.2


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Jul 3, 2022
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BitRecover MBOX Viewer 9.2
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MBOX file viewer is an intelligently designed free viewer, which is simple and easy to use. By making use of Thunderbird MBOX viewer users can easily open and view MBOX file contents without any extra efforts. MBOX File Reader is very handy and very useful, especially for forensic investigators to investigate evidences from MBOX mailbox files as it gives permission to export evidence in CSV, Text, HTML, PDF, etc. file formats. It is capable to run without installation through pen drive so the forensic investigator can investigate affected machine without installation of software.

View multiple MBOX files with attachments in a Seamless way using MBOX Reader tool.
Portable MBOX Viewer that needs no email client installation (Even run directly from a Pen Drive or External Drive).
Preview MBOX attachments in the MBOX File Reader toolkit with a single click.
MBOX email viewer preserves the internal folder hierarchy throughout the processing.
Locate specific MBOX message with Advanced Search Options: To, From, Subject, Date.
Dual File & Folder Selection Modes to implement rapid In depth analysis of MBOX emails.
Provides Embedded email filters to read MBOX files of particular Date range, Email address, Subject, etc.
Uses MessageSense™ technology to carve messages from corrupt MBOX file & then to view .mbox emails.
Handle forensic challenges with ease by viewing .mbox data created with any email client like Thunderbird, Google Takeout, Apple Mail, Datto Backupify, Eudora, Postbox, Netscape, Entourage, PocoMail, Spicebird, Spanning Backup and Opera.
MBOX File Viewer is advantageous for professionals as it offers multiple print configurations according to the need of users. Pro feature
Pro MBOX Archive Reader grants users to merge multiple archive files into single MBOX file. Pro feature
MBOX Viewer Pro software allows to export emails into CSV, Text, HTML, and PDF formats for exporting the evidences for law and forensics tasks. Pro feature





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